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Is  it time to upgrade to a new SUV for sale near you? Do you need more room? If so, it's time to come check out the new Hyundai Santa Fe for sale near Hazelwood? With more room and comfort, you and your family can travel comfortable everywhere you go. And you can enjoy more versatility without compromising the things that you love most. This Crossover SUV even rewards you with today's most advanced technology. On top of that, this sports utility vehicle also delivers excellent performance. All the while, protecting you with today's most advanced safety features. Combining the power of the highest possible 5-Star Crash Test Rating, with  America's Best Warranty, this vehicle drives more confidence. This is the ultimate crossover SUV. Don't drive another sports utility vehicle until you have driven this Hyundai.  You are going to love  how much more easier this SUV makes your life. Come schedule your free test drive today.  Visit us today at our Hazelwood Honda Dealership near you, and schedule your free test drive, today. We are located at 5800 West 95th Street , Oak Lawn, IL 60453.

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Hazelwood Hyundai Santa Fe Exterior

Stand Out With A New Hyunai Santa Fe


Hyundai Santa Fe Exterior

The  2018 Hyundai Santa Fe is a whole new kind of crossover SUV. It's one of the few sports utility vehicles that gives you the best of all worlds.  Combining the sleek sports design of a sports car,  with the  size and luxury of a new SUV, this vehicle gives you the best of everything. Plus, it keeps you moving forward with a versatile style.  This  SUV is undeniably gorgeous. But make no mistake, this sports utility still brings out it's rugged side with  wider confident stance, and an extended wheelbase. Dressed with well-defined fenders , and 19-inch rims wrapped in all-season tires, this vehicle  does more than drive attention. It enhances style  with an uncompromising design.  Winning the crowd with projector headlights with LED , glaring taillights, and dual power manual  folding side mirrors, this Crossover SUV is a must have for everyone. It even comes standard with chrome door handles, front solar glass and rear privacy glass. Finished off with a higher ground clearance, this vehicle climbs over obstacles. Nothing beats the style and drive of the new Hyundai Santa Fe. Take your style to the next level with the new Hyundai Santa Fe Crossover SUV for sale near you.


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Hazelwood Hyundai Santa Fe Performance

Rugged Hyundai Santa Fe Performance


Hyundai Santa Fe Performance

If you have places to go, and things to see, you can't let  outrageous gas prices get in your way. You need a fuel efficient Crossover SUV with the power and attitude to take you anywhere. You need a new Hazelwood Hyundai Santa for sale near you. Equipped with the toughest 2.4 Liter 4-Cylinder Engine,  this this SUV is built for adventure.  Pushing the limit with  185 horsepower, and 178 lb.-ft. of torque, this  SUV  dominates  everything.  Paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission with Shiftronic Technology, this Hyundai Model optimizes your fuel economy, and maximizes your performance. All the while, give you more time on the road and less time at the fuel pump.  How can you beat that?

Beyond the muscle, the Hyundai Santa  Fe is no stranger to adversity. Whether you plan on  climbing mountains, dashing through the snow,  or your dancing in the rain, this Hyundai SUV is the perfect solution.  Pressing the line with more traction, this vehicle clamps down on the most slippery roads. All the while, hugging every curve with hesitating. Nothing can stop the relentess power, fuel-efficiency, and  road handling capabilities, of the new Hyundai Santa Fe for sale near Hazelwood. But, don't just take our word  for it. Come put this Crossover SUV to the test. Visit our Hyundai Dealership near you.  


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Hazelwood Hyundai Santa Fe Interior

Find Your Next Adventure Inside Of A Hyundai Santa Fe


Hyundai Santa Fe Interior

So, what's important to you in a new  SUV? Do you need more room? Do you need more comfort? Do you need more luxury? What if we told you that the new Hyundai Santa Fe could give  you all of this and more? That's right! The new 2018 Hyundai Santa has everything you would expect to find in a luxury crossover SUV. The only difference is, this vehicle  gives you more value at a better price.  Bringing  you more peace, happiness, and satisfaction, without sacrificing the things that you love most.  Come surround yourself with  luscious premium clothe  5-passenger seats, adjustable front row seats,  and enchanting rich-soft materials.  Dive whole new world of sensational luxury. Give yourself homelike air conditioning,   advanced Hands-Free Bluetooth Technology, a tilt-telescopic steering wheel, and endless leg room. Extend your pleasure with 40/20/40 split folding second row seats, and an enormous   cargo area with  underfloor storage. Brighten your  with a  lustrous illuminated ignition. Take advantage of this Hyundai models brilliant 5-inch floating color touch screen.  Come discover the future today. Once you get inside of the new Hyundai Santa Fe for sale near Hazelwood, you will never want to get out of it. Come see what this amazing SUV can do for you.


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Hazelwood Hyundai Santa Fe Safety Features


Drive Confident With A New Hyundai Santa Fe


Hyundai Santa Fe  Safety Features

When it comes down to safety, the Hyundai Santa Fe is nothing short of amazing.  In the past  3 years, this vehicle has earned more Safety Awards, then most SUVs have earned  in a life time. Kicking off the year right, the new  2018 Hyundai Santa Fe earned the highest possible 5-Star Crash Test Rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. And, it has also received the Top Safety Plus Pick Award from the IIHS ( Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) But make no mistake, this  SUV doesn't just look great on paper. It also looks impressive on the road.  From high-strength steel body structure reinforcement, to advanced airbag systems, to a sophisticated network of electronic stability controls, the new Hazelwood Hyundai Santa Fe has  it all. It even gives you more  reliable protection with:

  • Proactive Rearview Camera that keeps you moving forward without ever having to look back
  • Dynamic Vehicle Stability management System that  gives you more control on the toughest roads
  • Responsive Electronic Stability Controls that enhance your  performance 
  • Advanced Traction Control Systems help you grip the road 
  • 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Braking System prevent wheel-spin on wet or slippery roads
  • Hill Start Assist improves your acceleration on tough hills
  • Lower Anchor Tethers For Children enables you to keep everyone secure at all times
  • Energy Absorbing Steering Column protects you from severe impact
  • Front Seatbelt Pretensioners and Force Limiters
  • Rear Keyless Entry System with Alarm


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Hazelwood Hyundai Santa Fe Warranty


Confidence Inspired Warranty Features


Hyundai Santa Fe Warranty

Now. Let's get to the best part. The warranty! For years, the  Hyundai Santa Fe has been a leader in the SUV class. While most people try to follow it, they can never seem to meet  it's standards. This Hyundai model was built on quality, and  reliable long-lasting advanced features. And it continues this tradition by pushing the limit for standard quality features.  This vehicle has been rigorously tested and inspected, to ensure that you are getting the best of the best.  And to prove it, this vehicle comes backed with America's Best Warranty. The Hyundai Santa Fe Warranty includes:

  • 100,000 mile/ 10-year limited time (whichever comes first) Powertrain Warranty
  • 60,000 mile/ 5-year limited time (whichever comes first) Basic Manufacturer Warranty
  • Unlimited / 5-Year 24-Hour Road Assistance
It doesn't get better than that. This crossover SUV gives you a lifetime of satisfaction. With  stronger coverage and lover lasting performance, how can you refuse such an offer? Think about it. For the next 10-years you don't don't have to worry any major problems with your powertrain. And you  get to enjoy, endless freedom.  Plus, your protected with an outstanding Basic Manufacturer Warranty. Plus  you never have to worry about being stuck anywhere.  How can you beat that?

If you want to learn more about the new Hyundai Santa Fe Warranty,  fill out the free online form above. Once your done, one of our professional Customer Care Representatives will be happy to help you answer any questions or concerns that you might have about the new Hyundai Santa Fe Warranty.


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Hazelwood Hyundai Santa Fe Test Drive


Schedule Your Free Test Drive Today


Hyundai Santa Fe Test Drive

It's go time! We just told you how the new Hyundai Santa Fe can change your life. Now, we are  going to show you.  Come schedule your free test drive at our Hazelwood Hyundai Dealership today. Let's us take you on an unforgettable drive. Give yourself a chance to true luxury, with room and comfort at your confidence.  Discover what it feels like to drive confidence with  today's  most advanced safety and security features.  Put the future at the tip of your fingers with today's most advanced technology. Come find out why so many people in Hazelwood are racing to get their hands on this amazing SUV.  Visit us today and schedule your free test drive today. We want everyone in Hazelwood  to experience this amazing crossover SUV for sale.  Stop by today. We are located at right next to St. Charles, MO

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